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Muslim Wireless Doorbell  with songs tribute to Muhammad

Product Description

Commodity:Muslim Wireless Doorbell

Model: AL-0736

Main Features:

1. Desirable music. No wiring is required. EASILY INSTALL.

2. No need to call for the technician. You can install the doorbell by yourself wherever you want once you get it from the store, without changing the original decoration of your house.

3. 150 meters range distance that meets the requirement of all houses, apartments, and offices. It is suitable for houses, offices, hotels, reception halls, etc. You can hear the doorbell with fine melody everywhere.

4. Beside the doorbell function, if can also be used as pages, alarms for the patients and the old.


Operating Instrutions

1. Gently press the small gap at the underside of remote controller with flat Screw-Driver, open the battery cover of remote controller, insert 1 PC “12V” battery and then replace it . Choose your favorite sound by pressing.

2. Stick remote controller on the door station with the double-side sticker.

3. Insert 2 PCS” AA” size battery into the receiver.

4. Choose your favorite sound by pressing the selecting-sound button on the remote controller.


5. Replace batteries if find the doorbell do not work well.


Stainless steel case +staineless steel band+common box


Packing details:

Packing Qty / Ctn: 40pcs /ctn

Net Weight:12.86KG

Gross Weight:14.16KG

Carton Size: 45.6 X 24.8 X 37 CM

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